A legally blind BYU-Idaho student competed in the Tokyo Paralympics last week. The student was 20-year-old Taylor Talbot, born with a rare eye disease which breakdown cells in the retina. Although Taylor was unable to travel to Tokyo with her family, she travelled with 70 other track and field athletes competing in the Olympics. Although Taylor didn’t make finals, she did an incredible job running and competing in the prelims.



A commercial fisherman from Rowley Massachusetts saved neighbours from a fire in her home on Sunday. Mark Collum suffered his own losses after losing his family in a fire 20 years ago. He had lost his wife and two young daughters in 2001 after being trapped on the third floor of their apartment. Mark heard his neighbour yelling for help and immediately hurried to help her. After grabbing his neighbour he pulled her from the home to safety. At this time it is still not know what caused the fire. 



A local nonprofit organization named Champ’s Heart has been given a second chance after an anonymous donation of a location for the program to take place. Champ’s Heart was previously based out of a historical park in Shelley but had to halt their program after complaints made to animal control. There were also issues with the lease leaving no place for the horse encounters to take place. The founder of Champ’s Heart expressed his concern of not knowing whether the program would need to be shut down. Fortunately, one of the volunteers of the non-profit had a friend who offered up her arena and land so that Champ’s Heart could continue their program. Champ’s Heard gives children facing cancer and other disabilities a chance to experience horse encounters.



A mother duck followed by 5 ducklings wandered into the University of Nottingham’s George Green Library, stunning students and staff. They entered through an open door and wandered around the library for a little while completely unfazed. After watching the line of ducklings for a little while, the staff of the library eventually ushered the ducks back outside. Video footage of the ducks and ducklings can be viewed at the Good News Network website.


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