Some stories to brighten your day! 

A truck driver from Idaho Falls named Bill, helped out some Colorado sheriff deputies who got stranded at a stop due to problems with their vehicles. Bill stepped in and bought the car parts needed out of pocket! Ashley Home Furniture reached out and gave him some gift cards to say thank you for being so kind Bill!


Two retired school teachers, Ruth and Louise, are 90 and 95 years old and regularly go to the Blackfoot Physical Therapy gym to stay healthy. They are so sweet and even help out newcomers who have a hard time with the equipment! Ashley Home Furniture reached out to gave the ladies flowers, chocolates, and gift cards to a local restaurant. 


Three Good Samaritans sustained minor injuries attempting to save a man from his burning mobile home. While the man in the home unfortunately passed away, we are thankful these three men attempted to step in, even at the risk of their own lives. 


A man in San Francisco stepped in to help a man who was desperate to get home. After losing his job, a man was trying to purchase a low-fare ticket from San Francisco to Las Vegas where his family was, however he only had $150 in his pocket. Thankfully, Fernando stepped in and helped the man purchase a ticket back home, even upgrading him! 


Sanaa, who was diagnosed with autism at age 2, is so proficient at multiplication she recently took home an award from Guinness World Records (GWR) for ‘largest mental arithmetic multiplication problem’. To earn her Guinness World Record, Sanaa was timed while multiplying a dozen randomly generated digits. She completed the daunting task in under 10 minutes, and all in her head!


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