Some stories to brighten your day! 

Mckel planned and ran a raffle, and lemonade stand to raise money for a family affected by a house fire. When she learned of the dire that destroyed the White’s home, she wanted to raise money for the family and for the two children to replace their toys. East Idaho news surprised Mckel with both candy and gift cards at her lemonade stand.


The Law Enforcement Chaplaincy of Idaho fundraised to donate 30 safety lights to the Idaho Falls Police Department. The nonprofit started fundraising last year after the death of Wyatt Maser. Police Chief Bryce Johnson said the lights would be a huge benefit to the officers in the Idaho Falls Police Department.


Two boy scouts saved a young woman after they heard her shouting desperately trying to swim against floodwaters. Dominic Viet and Joseph Diener were playing basketball when they noticed her struggling to stay afloat. The boy scouts quickly came to her rescue, hoisting her up onto their shoulders and taking her ashore. Jerry Jenkins, Assistant Fire Chief, called the boys’ heroic and brave.


Macomb Country Animal Control called the fire department when they noticed a raccoon trapped in a sewer cover. They noticed the raccoon’s head was stuck in the cover. They attempted to put soap around the animal’s neck to release him but failed. Eventually they freed the raccoon without any injuries by using cooking oil provided by a local homeowner.


Wizard of Paws is a pioneer of creating prosthetics for animals with amputations. Animals with amputations struggle to live a normal life with their loss of mobility. Derrick Campana and Bionic Pets and Animal Ortho Care have been building custom prosthetics for all animals. Some animals they have helped in the past include cats, dogs, tortoises, cows, goats, and even an African Elephant


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