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Four miles northwest of Rigby, a small foot-log cabin still stands since being built in 1888. A local resident whose great-grandparents settled the area is hoping to preserve the cabin and register it as a historical landmark. Keith Harrop is looking into different options through the Jefferson County Historical Society to help him preserve the cabin. Keith began the initial restoration work with other family members including removing trees and brush that surrounded the house. They also removed some old appliances from the cabin including an old washer and dryer. Keith has additional plans to repair the cabin to strengthen its structural integrity.



A restaurant in London surprised diner Natalie Te Paa on her birthday by writing “Happy Birthday” out in chocolate braille. Natalie is completely blind and visited Luciano by Gino D’Acampo for a birthday celebration. Without any preparations or advanced planning, the restaurant staff recreated the Braille translation of “Happy Birthday” by using chocolate that was then frozen solid. A heart-warming video of the surprise was posted on TikTok which has since gone viral.



An Australian farmer stuck in lockdown states away was unable to attend his Aunt’s funeral in Brisbane. He wanted to find a way to show his love for her and emphasize the positive impact she had on his life. While feeding his sheep, Ben Jackson decided to spread their feed in the shape of a heart so they would gather together. The final result was captured in drone footage and can be seen on the Good News Network website.



A 35-year-old artist from Connecticut has been creating sculptures of animals from trash. She has used plastic spoons, old ping pong balls, and unused catheters. Stephanie Hongo began creating art out of trash four years ago when she could not afford art supplies. Once she decided to use trash she promised herself that she would never purchase plastics for any of her sculptures. She posts her artwork on Instagram and sells her finished pieces too.



An animal shelter in Germany has started using Tinder, a dating app, to post profiles of cats and dogs looking for new homes. The Munich Animal Welfare Association has hired an advertising agency to take photos of the animals and write Tinder profiles to hopefully find a match. The shelter has said the response has been insane and that their marketing campaign is exploding. There have been a lot of requests for interviews with different animals at the shelter.


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