Some stories to brighten your day! 

In Pocatello, Jamie was celebrated with chocolates, an Amazon gift card, and a gift card for dinner, for helping out her neighbors. Jamie has some special needs children, her husband had a recent seizure, and she was, unfortunately, the victim of a porch pirate. However, Jamie still gathered the neighborhood together to help prepare meals for a family of a girl who was just recently diagnosed with cancer. 


To celebrate summer, Ashley HomeStore stopped by a Pick Me Up in Ammon to hand out Pick Me Up gift cards. Lots of happy people got free drinks that day! Very fun and kind thing to do! Reminds us all to do more for our community!


Ben Lovell, a 42-year-old from England, had to have his leg amputated in 2017. He can walk for about 20 minutes before having to take off his prosthetic and rest. He decided that he wanted to climb literal mountains and has now climbed England’s three highest peaks! What a wonderful example of determination and hope after pain!


Jonathan Bauer conquered his fear of heights and jumped 25 feet into the Assawoman Bay after a car accident flung a baby into the water on May 2. As thanks for his quick thinking actions, the Thunderbirds invited him to ride in the back seat of an F-16 as part of the Thunderbirds’ “Hometown Hero” program.


Michele and Dave Staudenmaier found a whole community of “trail angels” along the Appalachian Trail. Their son Zach decided to hike the trail and talked to his parents about it. Michele and Dave decided to help out and join this little community of “trail angels” that provides food for the hikers. 


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