Ross Park Aquatic Complex will be hosting their 7th annual Splash Dance for Dogs. The event is organized by The Friends of the Pocatello Animal Shelter and Toyota and lets pets and pet owners enjoy the water park together. Tickets are $10 per dog and all money raised will fund the second chance fund which pays for treatment and emergencies for dogs six years and older.



$7,500 was raised by the Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company of Idaho during the 10th annual Make-A-Wish Summer Charitable Golf Tournament. Todd Argall, CEO of Farm Bureau Insurance, presented the donation to Make-A-Wish’s regional director, Julie Thomas. The donation will help bring hope back into a child’s life through the power of a wish. Make-A-Wish Idaho gives children with critical illnesses a piece of their childhood back.



Ardross Farm in Scotland has 1.5 hectares planted with more than 100,000 sunflowers which were planted to read the word “HOPE”. Reverent Douglas Creighton from East Neuk Trinity church suggested the idea to help bring people joy during the pandemic. A farmer named Claire Pollock was tasked with the planting and planted more than 100,000 sunflowers at the start of may. 500 people walked through the sunflower field during the opening day last weekend. Tickets prices are being used to make donations to local charities. See pictures on the Good News Network website!



The pandemic left a lot of people with extra time on their hands. Herbalife Nutrition and the Council for Responsible Nutrition conducted a survey asking respondents about their health. The survey concluded that since the start of the pandemic, 8 in 10 Americans have labeled their health as a “work in progress” while acting to improve their lifestyle. Some healthier habits included exercising more, downloading fitness apps, and cooking and eating more nutritious food. These are just a few of the first steps that respondents have taken to improve their health.



The Chief Audiologist at Specsavers commissioned a survey recently to see which sounds are most likely to trigger happy memories. The survey concluded that out of 2,000 adults aged 50+, 4 in 10 of the respondents experience sounds that provide nostalgic thoughts during their week. Some of these sounds include rain on windows, farm animal noises, the blowing of wind, and a crackling fireplace. The top 40 memory-triggering sounds for the respondents can be read about on the Good News Network website.


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